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Applications for Drones

  •   Real estate marketing
  •   Aerial photography
  •   Video of real estate
  •   Property listing enhancement
  •   Virtual tour guide
  •   Home inspection
  •   Property lines inspection
  •   Visioning and master planning
  •   Property appraisal
  •   3D modeling
  •   Distance measurement

Aerial photography is a thing and drones are changing the way real estate agents do business.

Latest drone technologies are making aerial photography affordable to every realtor. Especially commercial facilities or rural tracts of land, don’t necessarily photograph well on the ground.

A Lot More Maneuverable Than Helicopters

Drone photography is far cheaper than the next cheapest alternative — helicopters — and much easier to implement in terms of logistics and planning. Traditionally, real estate agents would call a company specialized in the field, and the company would charter a helicopter or a plane with a photographer in it. Such a project is both cost-prohibitive and takes place from a higher altitude.

Because of the safety issues around using drones and the risk of unqualified pilots causing property damage or worse, it’s crucial for realtors or property owners to hire qualified drone operators.

Buyers Increasingly Expect Drone Footage

Aerial photography significantly enhances your listing, and is now the standard for large homes. Potential home-buyers increasingly expect drone images for homes of all sizes and price points. People don’t just buy a house. They buy a community and a location.

A drone is a perfect solution: significantly cheaper, a lot more maneuverable, and easy to fly even indoors without compromising any image quality.

Drone Technology the Biggest Change In Years

The real estate agents we are in touch with said that drones have been the biggest change that the industry has seen in many years. From the sky, drones can give buyers and sellers perspective on the entire property.

The ground view may show a pool, but a drone could show how big the pool is and where it is in relation to the house. A drone could also show the entire property, tree lines and the home’s roof. Drone footage can also show potential buyers how neighbors take care of their properties, how close the home is to a road and if there is a church or school nearby.

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