We collaborate with third party aerial data providers to assist with roof damage assessments and help the industry check claims faster.

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Applications for Drones

  •   Evidence collection and preservation
  •   Storms and hurricanes monitoring
  •   Roof damage inspection
  •   Infrastructure inspection
  •   Aerial photography and survey
  •   Property review
  •   Damage assessment and survey
  •   Crop insurance claims

Unmanned Aircraft Systems are becoming increasingly more attractive for use in commercial insurance applications, particularly for property review and inspection.

Current image technology in manned aircrafts allows for the capture of images at a ground sample distance of up to one-inch per pixel. While this level of clarity provides excellent detail for assessing damage and understanding properties, it can be cost-prohibitive, requiring lower and slower passes from the aircraft.

Instant Damage Assessment After Catastrophes

After a catastrophe hits, mobile units filled with adjusters are on site to evaluate property damage. Today, an insured may never meet the property adjuster handling his or her claim. A drone is sent to evaluate damage within hours of it occurring, providing vital information on the extent of damage and the geographical areas affected. Claims can be closed at much greater speed.

Costing very little money, the insurance company has a sense of everything that needs to be done in a very short amount of time. Eliminating or significantly reducing the need to send inspectors into the field and onto damaged structures will have a huge impact on safety and efficiency.

Detailed Images With Latest Technology

The technology behind the UAS and its cameras are vital to capturing high-resolution, georeferenced, accurate information and data.

Helicopter-type drones are the best type of drone to use as they don't require takeoff and landing strips and can be hovered in place to capture detailed still images and video.

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