Infrastructure Inspection

Institutions with nationwide infrastructure rely on us for visual inspections of their properties that are otherwise challenging or risky to reach.

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Applications for Drones

  •   Oil pipeline inspection
  •   Gas pipeline inspection
  •   Solar installation inspection
  •   Power line cable inspection
  •   Water tower inspection
  •   Cooling tower inspection
  •   Critical infrastructure inspection
  •   Wind turbine inspection
  •   Transmission tower monitoring
  •   Bridge inspection
  •   Highway inspection
  •   Gas leak detection
  •   Railway track inspection
  •   Monument inspection
  •   Radiation measurement
  •   Radiation monitoring
  •   Roof inspection
  •   Detect damaged equipment

Right now, we use lineman who patrol lines up and down, sometimes for miles, looking for problems. That is something a drone can do increasingly autonomously with advancing software technology.

What may usually take crews days to do, drones can complete the same task in minutes. Our drone inspection services provide you the ability to collect data while reducing the operational risk involved with inspections.

Receive Real-Time Geospatial Information

Drones are designed to reach places that are too difficult or too risky for inspectors to reach, including complex infrastructure inspection of power lines, bridges, dams or tall buildings and vertical structures. As a result, you can provide a faster and safer response to disruptions in service.

Inspections with Actionable Intelligence

Industry professionals see significant possibilities not just for employee and public safety, but for increasing reliability of their service and response time to outages. Infrared (IR) sensors on drones can detect leaks in water pipelines and weakened power lines before they become safety or environmental concerns. The ability to deploy an aerial methane detection over long distances and in remote areas signals a major turning point in future gas leak detection capabilities.

New software and portable measurement devices are allowing you to do 3D mapping of structures and surfaces using orthoimaging allows for quick analysis of the structural integrity of bridges or surface degradation of highways or monuments. Orthoimaging captures, processes, and combines thousands of images using orthorectification.

Aerial Assistance During Disaster Response

Obstacles such as downed trees or icy roads make it difficult for crews to assess damage, which in turn hinders response and restoration time. Using drones to capture high-resolution imagery in real-time will help speed up damage assessments and the deployment of the right resources to restore power.

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