Technologically Superior

Scale your survey and inspection projects through a network of UAS operators who can guarantee reliability. We even built the industry's most advanced infrastructure that is unmatched by competitors.

Mission Management Done Right

Use the map to pinpoint where operation should take place or import large datasets as CSV. Once your mission is in the network, operators from around the region will receive an invitation to survey its feasibility. If we detect any issues with your mission, we get back to you within 24 hours to clear any uncertainties.

Create A New Mission

Mission Dashboard

Monitor the Progress

Track the progress of the mission fulfillment at all times. Your dashboard shows which sites have already been assigned to an operator, fulfilled, or why fulfillment is not possible.

Consistent Quality

The confidence to know that quality and delivery will be the same across all sites, nationally, and internationally.

  • Individualized Contract

    Once you assign a mission to an operator, a contract is generated specifically for your mission.

  • Official Documents

    We ensure that valid documents of our individual operators are available when needed.

  • Insurance Requirements

    Operators will keep minimum amounts of insurance during the term of your engagement.

  • Disputes and Refunds

    We have you covered in the event of disputes or if missions cannot take place due to force majeures.

Receive Deliverable Assets Securely

Our network operators will upload all deliverable assets securely into our repository. You have exclusive access to it and can immediately download the material. Alternatively, you can instruct us on your preferred delivery method and we will take care of it.

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