Our Company

Our infrastructure helps you fulfill high-volume missions. We emerged out of a significant market need to supply enterprises with drone technologies that help them save resources and lives.

The Way Upward

We are only peeking at the beginning stages of an industry rapidly transforming the way we gather intelligence. The major topics revolving around the future feasibility of drones is going to be safety, autonomy, and swarming.

Safe systems are paramount to this emerging technology. That is why we have high standards in who we choose to work with.

Autonomous systems liberate the operator from basic maneuvering tasks and puts concentration back on gathering quality data.

Swarming will eventually help the safe and autonomous systems with obtaining information collectively at an even faster rate using the same manpower.
The evolution of drones according to Overscout.

Overscout With Us

With a strong backing of operators in our network, we are uniquely positioned to help customers exploit the opportunities of drone technology both in-house and through third parties.

We are tightly involved in the mission planning for customers and in close contact with operators. It gives us rich insights in where the industry may be heading, and we use these to help research facilities manufacture future systems.

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